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ARTICLE III: Membership


1. Regular
2. Associate
3. Provincial Chapter
4. Affiliate
5. Aspirant


Any individual or business entity (corporation, company, partnership or single-proprietorship) existing under Philippine laws whose management possesses good business and moral reputation and whose business is directly involved in outdoor / indoor advertising, any company or individual who sells space for advertising on street furniture, transit, those involved in alternative outdoor media displays, and/or in the fabrication and supply of signage in the Philippines, otherwise known as the Out of Home advertising industry, is eligible for membership to the OHAAP.

Prospective members whose application for membership has been accepted by the board, shall be considered a CONDITIONAL MEMBER. His/her membership shall be subject to six (6) months probation and final interview by the Board before he/she can be accepted as PERMANENT MEMBER, as classified below.

A permanent member may be classified as:

A. Regular Member

– any full service company with in-house or contracted facilities for fabrication and maintenance of out-of-home advertising and signage.

– eligible to vote and can be voted as a member of the Board

B. Associate Member

– any company or individual indirectly providing services and/or products to the industry such as, media buying service providers, advertisers, ad agencies, Suppliers, Financial, legal, Site Brokers, Contractors, etc.

– cannot vote for any Board member or on any membership issue but may, among themselves, elect one (1) representative to sit as a regular member of the Board.

C. Affiliate Member

– any entity, government agency or individual stakeholders in the industry, such as members of the academe, non-governmental organizations, other trade groups and coalitions.

– cannot vote and be voted as member of the board or on any membership issue.

D. Provincial Chapter

– the association (OHAAP) may organize a provincial chapter whenever applicable for the effective implementation of its goals and objectives. The provincial chapter shall be governed by the same Constitution and By-laws and must follow the same policies as that of the OHAAP. It shall elect from among its local members its own officers – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and PRO.

– the members of a provincial chapter can only vote for the election of officers for its own particular chapter.

E. Aspirant

– as defined by Items A and B of this article, except with the unique characteristic of having less than a two (2) year track record in the industry.

– does not become a regular member until the company it represents has reached two (2) years track record in the industry and has passed the six-month probationary period.

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