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Company History

It was in mid-60s when a one-door office along F. Ramos Street opened – the J. Alcordo and Associates came to be.

In 1965, J. Alcordo and Associates was a one-stop shop for one’s advertising and public relations needs.

Cebu in the mid-60s was the prime area for Manila ad agencies since a great number of corporations considered the city as the southern hub. There were regional offices in Cebu for the Visayas- Mindanao operations. Majority of the shipping companies had their main offices here. Manila ad agencies also maintained sub-offices at the time.

Some of the agencies are J. Walt Thompson, Mc Cann Erickson, and Philprom. Other emerging ad agencies were National Ads and Lomocso Advertising. Among these, J. Alcordo was agency to beat.

Yet, there was no stiff competition. Agencies helped each other and lobbied, as a group, in Congress to elevate advertising practice into a respectable profession.

Ad practitioners and clients were casually helping each other out and eventually ended up as friends. There were some corporate executives of the client-company who were trained in Madison Ave. (New York, USA) and they gave lectures in the principles of Advertising, by the book. In no time, the J. Alcordo became the king makers during election season; they mastered house-to-house campaign for products like Tide; fine tuned file advertising like free movies by caravan in the in the towns; billboards became recognized as a major ad tool. They became known as the Visayas- Mindanao specialist.

J. Alcordo had fought like the other advertising professionals, and was able to put Cebu in the map. They were there in the first Ad Congress back in 70’s and in the subsequent Ad Congress there after. Presented out a paper which pointed out that 2/3 of the market was in the south, and persisted that 2/3 of the expenditures should be allocated for the southern market.

Organized and established as a single proprietorship in 1969 under the name of Alcordo Outdoor Advertising.

Incorporated under the name of Alcordo International Incorporated in 1992.

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