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ARTICLE I: Statement of General Principles

Section 1     Being an integral part of mass media, we are cognizant of the powerful influence of outdoor advertising on society. We therefore strongly support the practice of self-regulation as provided for by the Advertising Board of the Philippines.

Section 2     Public safety will always be the primary concern in the conduct of our business. We shall therefore ensure that our structures and displays exceed those provided for by law, and to faithfully conduct regular maintenance checks on all our structures so that they remain structurally sound.

Section 3     We recognize the effect of our structures and displays on the environment. We shall endeavor to take into consideration the overall aesthetic impact of our structures and displays. We shall strictly follow zoning laws and building codes as provided by national and local government agencies.

Section 4     We shall actively and continuously support worthy public causes by providing free of charge posting on available vacant outdoor display properties for public service announcements and or associations, that will contribute to the betterment and/or upliftment of society.

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